This blog : http://coolcollegeprojects.blogspot.in/ is the online solution for those, who want to learn today's leading web technologies and programming languages.

This is a also a Project blog where a student can search for any academic project. They learn and i will be the guider. This blog is for Beginners but experts are also invited. To contribute articles, tutorials and any other resources so that our future generation can learn.

Students can post comments when they want to say something or want to learn. I will help them to learn. But remember one thing. Please do not spam this blog with spammy comments.

In this blog you may found some projects. Some of these projects are not made by me so all credits for those projects goes to their respective owners.

If you are a project owner and you do not want to see your project in this blog, please mail me at iamkingsonprisonic@gmail.com so that i can remove your project.

Please use these projects for learning purpose only. Do not submit any project from this blog to universities directly. First try to learn and then modify the source code and customize your project and then submit it.

And if any Project expert want to be the blog admin. I will happy to add you as blog admin. Just send me an Email.

Thank you everyone who read this full story.