Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Online Exam Using Visual Basic (VB6)

Online examination system using Visual Basic (VB)

Online Examination, where a student can register and give exam online. In this project all those steps are clearly implemented. From registering to complete the exam all steps done clearly.

Student register their accounts and after that he/she can able to give the exam. all question is already saved into database and when the student enters the exam system, random question with random option will appear and the student have to choose the correct option.

The admin can set the questions if needed. For this admin have to enter a question with four different answer (1 must be correct answer, others are wrong).

When a student complete his/her exam can submit the answers to the system with submit button. And after that the answer will automatically checked and the score card is generated.

So this project is fine for those who are learning Visual Basic Language. Please use this project for learning purpose only. Don’t submit it directly to Universities.

Learn, Create and enjoy…

Download This Project : Online Examination System