Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Ad Management Project In PHP

Project Name : Banner Bar 125

Language Used : PHP

Back End : MySQL

This is an Advertising Management project. This project manage advertising banners for a website. it use MySQL Database for storing all information for banners (HTML, Design, etc.) and display them into a webpage. The admin can add,remove or modify the banners any time. Reports are used for displaying total clicks, total Impression and other facts.

Features :

  • Admin can View,Add,Remove,Modify Banners.
  • Admin can generate reports for displaying following facts
    • Total Clicks (TC)
    • Total Impression (TI)
    • Click Through Rate (CRT)
    • Banner adding date

Admin can also pause any banner any time and able to upload banners from his computer.

So total ad management in one place…

Please use this project for learning purpose only.


Download This Project : Advertise Management System