Friday, 1 January 2010

Hotel Management System Using Visual Basic (VB)

Dear friends this project is created using Microsoft Visual Basic Language with Access Database as backend. So if you plan to submit project on your final year exam you can use this project.

In this project, all basic criteria for a Hotel Management is done with quite impressive way. This system will run on Windows 98 or greater version of windows.

But remember before submit your project you must understand the project very carefully. The DFD’s of this projects, the Flowcharts, Source code, all the stuff. Because it will help you on the interview.

This project is so simple to implement. So i think if you are a Visual Basic Learner, you can easily understand this project.

You need Microsoft Visual Basic IDE for this project. You also need Microsoft Access Jet driver installed on your system(Generally MS Access). Now open this project solution file and perform the modification and then you can easily customize this project.


Download this Project : Hotel Management System