Monday, 16 July 2012

How to extract cvd files Clam AV and Clam Win Antivirus DB file

Clam AV is an open source antivirus software. You can get it's source code for free. Also it is a good virus removal tool for windows,mac and linux. It includes a big virus database which anyone can use for their own purpose. The database file is compressed and have a file extension .cvd. So if you want to extract the content of this database file then signtool will help you to do that.

First download ClamWin from after that install it into your PC. You will find the database file on internet just search on google for ClamWin database and download it. Now you will find SignTool on the installation folder for ClamWin. Now bring the database file there and use your command prompt and use signtool for extracting content from that db file.

If you have any problem just give a comment.