Saturday, 7 July 2012

Make torrent from online files

Today i am going to introduce you a website called

This is a cool service for those who host files over internet. Today a file hosting service charges you for your hosting account (Premium), also you have some limitation like 10GB Bandwidth per month or 500GB hosting space. But think if your total file size is greater than 500GB or your bandwidth limit is near about to 9.9GB in the middle of the month  and you still don’t want to remove your old files then this service will help you to save your hosting space and bandwidth.
But how? The answer is BurnBit. It gives you the ability to change your Giant Size files into torrents. By using BurnBit you can create torrents from your online hosted files. So after creating the torrent give your user the torrent file for download. And after someday you can remove the original hosted file from your hosting account. And your file will never die.

  1. nice tutorials on online torrent making. Thank you. Really a greate tutorial. I think i can save much hosting space now.