Tuesday, 9 August 2011

How to create a free website

Today I'm going to show you how to create a free website. So first we list out our requirements.

  1. We need a free domain
  2. We need a free hosting account
  3. Filezilla FTP Client (For file transfer)

Step : 1

Their are two different types of domain 1 is Top-Level Domain(.com, .net, .org, .in, etc.) and other is sub-domain(xx.com, yy.net, zz.org, etc.). Top-Level Domains are not free but we can register a free sub domain instead. So register it from http://co.cc

Register an account and you will get a free sub domain like http://mysite.co.cc

You can use this tutorial for register an free domain : Tutorial

Step 2:

After registering it we need a free hosting account. Their are many free hosting available online. Some good free hosting providers list.


SL NO. Hosting Provider Storage Scripting Support
1. http://x10hosting.com/ Unlimited Tutorial Link For X10hosting
2. http://www.heliohost.org 500MB Tutorial Link For HelioHost

All other hosting providers List.

You can choose any hosting provider from this list they all provide free hosting.

Now create an account to any service provider from this list. And then setup your free domain to point to your free hosing. I mean change your domain’s DNS record for free hosting provider.

Step 3:

Now connect your ftp account using FileZilla and upload all of your files. If you need tutorial for using filezilla click here.


You are done. Enjoy your free website.